Can you tell if a book is first edition by the ISBN number?

Can you tell if a book is first edition by the ISBN number?

If your book was dated 1987, and was popular, it would not be out of the question to reissue the book in 1998 with the same ISBN. The library of congress # sometimes will assist but you have to know how the system works. I recommend using If it is a first edition it will usually say there.

What does 1st edition 1st printing mean?

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, first edition means the first printing of a book. That’s because the first printing only represents a portion of the total number of copies of a book that the publisher hopes to sell. That first printing is just an installment on what they hope to be a long term investment in that book.

How much is a first edition Prisoner of Azkaban worth?

Interestingly, first editions of the “early version” of Prisoner of Azkaban can be worth up to $12,000. This is due to a printing change on the copyright page; the original run was credited to “Joanne Rowling” but stopped mid-print to be amended to “JK Rowling”.

What is the rarest Ladybird book?

Officially, the rarest Ladybird book – so rare, it seems, that not one collector has even seen one – is a special printing of ‘The Computer’ from the ‘How it Works’ series (series 654) which was produced privately for the Ministry of Defence in 1972.

Which Ladybird Books are the most valuable?

The Holy Grail for collectors is a How It Works book The Computer (Series 654) printed in 1971. Allegedly, a limited edition of 100 copies of this book were printed in plain brown covers for the Ministry of Defence to prevent staff knowing they were learning from a Ladybird book.

How much is a misprinted Harry Potter book worth?

According to The Independent, 500 hardback copies of the first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (known as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in the U.S.), contain a rare error—and those unique books can now fetch as much as $26,000 in auction. The error is a typo on page 53 of the book.

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