Can you post someones license plate on facebook?

Can you post someones license plate on facebook?

A: There is no law that specifically prohibits one from publishing another’s license plate. it is presented in such a way so to imply that the person with whom the license plate is associated is endorsing a product.

What’s the best way to identify a plate?

Compare the plate with photos and descriptions on eBay and other websites. Do a search for the plate by name (if you know it) or description. Hundreds of websites, forums, and blogs are dedicated to collectors plates, so you can easily find photos matching the plate you have (or the plate you want). Peruse popular price guidebooks and websites.

Where can I find a list of collectible plates?

Peruse popular price guidebooks and websites. Collectors Books, House of Collectibles, and Kovels publish yearly price guides with photos, dates, and number of plates produced, along with current prices according to plate condition. You can find the value of most popular plates this way. Visit collector’s shows to talk to experts.

Where can I get a license plate appraised?

Check with a professional appraiser. You can have plates appraised online by submitting a photo video or description of your plate by email to Online Collectibles or other large, verified online collector sites. If you think your plate is valuable, contact an appraiser at your local antique store.

How can I find the value of my artwork?

However, the following guidelines should help you find an approximate value for your artwork. First, consult price guides to determine current sale and auction prices. Some price guides are available on the Internet, but most come in books or offline formats.

How can I find out the value of a postage stamp?

Consult a stamp reference book or online resource to determine value. Now that you’ve identified the stamp and any flaws in its condition, head back to your stamp reference book to begin to understand its value. Look for special “price guides” to postage stamps, the newer the better.

How do you find the value of an item?

Take all these figures and average them out to find an approximate value. Factor in the condition of your item. Cracks, chips, tears, and stains will greatly diminish the value. Near-mint versions of records, for example, will go for double what a copy with a little ring wear, dinged corners, and visible indications that it’s been played.

What’s the best way to send antique photos?

Instead, choose the smallest or next to the smallest size. This is ideal for sending by E-mail. And since you’ll be taking these photos to send to me or antiques dealers on the Internet, you’ll find starting shooting a smaller size the best way to solve this problem.

Where can I find the value of my collectibles?

Look on eBay; put your item description in the search feature and see if any like items are found in the completed auction area. Because many auctions are not bid on until the last few minutes, the completed auctions area is the only place you will find what it really sold for.

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