Can you drink in Arizona with parents?

Can you drink in Arizona with parents?

People who are under the age of 21 are allowed inside of a bar in Arizona. However, they must be accompanied by a legal guardian, spouse or parent who is over the age of 21. Even though the minors can be allowed in a bar, they are not allowed to consume any alcohol.

Can 10 year olds drink Arizona?

Arizona’s No-Tolerance Policy on Drinking and Driving Arizona law states that it’s unlawful for anyone under the age of 21 to drive with ANY amount of alcohol in their system. Drivers may face a serious criminal offense, and their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) doesn’t need to be much.

Does Arizona sell liquor in grocery stores?

Liquor sale is not allowed in grocery stores. Simple and sweet. Arizona – No alcohol is state controlled in Arizona. Sale is permitted from 6 A.M. to 2 A.M.

What states can you drink under 21 with parents?

Family members able to furnish a minor with alcohol in 31 states: Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Hawaii, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland.

Is it legal to drink under 21 with parents in Florida?

What is the law regarding underage possession of alcohol in Florida? It is also important to note that unlike some other states, Florida law does not allows parents to authorize their children under the age of 21 to possess or drink alcohol when under their supervision.

Can you buy alcohol on your 21st birthday in Arizona?

An Arizona resident who turns 21 and has a vertical ID has 30 days to use it to buy alcohol.

Can I buy alcohol on Sunday in Arizona?

Arizona – No alcohol is state controlled in Arizona. Sale is permitted from 6 A.M. to 2 A.M. Monday – Saturday, 10 A.M. to 2 A.M. Sunday. Drive through liquor stores are legal.

Does Walmart in Arizona sell liquor?

However, some states and locales have restrictions for the hours during the day when alcohol can be sold — Walmart does not set these restrictions….Alcohol Sales Times at Walmart by State.

State Arizona
Alcohol Sales Hours 6 a.m. to 2 a.m.
Sunday Restrictions None
Special Restrictions None

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