Can you bring alcohol to Hawaiian Falls?

Can you bring alcohol to Hawaiian Falls?

Hawaiian Falls does not allow alcohol, glass or sharp knives. Any size cooler and/or bag containing food or drinks will be charged a $15 fee and will be searched upon entry.

Does Hawaiian Falls have a lazy river?

Hawaiian Falls is built with the family in mind. Play with the kids in the Wave Pool, hang out in the Lazy River as they float by, or watch as they go down their favorite rides like the Pineapple Express. Lifeguards and EMTs are on site to ensure safety. We strive for cleanliness at Hawaiian Falls.

What should I wear to Hawaiian Falls?

Wear Conservative Swimwear Hawaiian Falls is a family friendly park. Conservative swimwear is appreciated: no thongs, speedos or transparent clothing please. Only regular swim attire is allowed on waterpark slide attractions: no jean shorts, sweatpants or clothing with brads, buttons or buckles.

How much does a cabana cost at Hawaiian Falls?

$175. Cabanas must be reserved at least 48 hours in advance. When booking, please specify your preferred cabana location. Locations are subject to availability.

Do they sell beer at Hawaiian Falls?

Hawaiian Falls will be able to sell alcoholic beverages when it reopens this summer after Roanoke City Council amended a city ordinance during a March 9 meeting. Hawaiian Falls Managing Director Ryan Forson said the park will have a designated area for alcohol purchases as well as a two-drink limit per customer.

Does Hawaiian Falls have a military discount?

No, Hawaiian Falls does not offer military discounts.

Can you bring outside food to Hawaiian Falls?

Food and beverages can be brought into the park for a nominal fee. All coolers, containers or bags of any size containing food or drinks will be assessed a $15 fee and are subject to search by our staff. We suggest sandwich fixings, small snacks, and drinks.

How old do you have to be to work at Hawaiian Falls?

NOW HIRING ALL POSITIONS! Hawaiian Falls offers job opportunities for candidates fifteen (15) years of age or older in a safe, value-centered, conservative and exciting atmosphere.

How does the buddy pass work at Hawaiian Falls?

Season pass holders, remember you have a FREE Buddy Pass coupon for Monday, 7/30. Season pass holder must be present for buddy to get in free with coupon. So, bring a buddy and have fun!

Is Hawaiian Falls still open?

We are now open!

How old do u have to be to work at Hawaiian Falls?

Do you have to wear a mask to Hawaiian Falls?

Face masks are required for employees in virtually every area of the property. Between rides and attractions, we recommend guests employ face coverings. Due to safety constraints, face coverings are not permitted while in the water or on slides.

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