California Highway Patrol Officer Dies In A Riverside Shootout, Suspect Found Dead

The 34-year-old patrol officer, Andre Moye was shot dead during a traffic stop on Monday. After graduation from the CHP academy in 2017, Andre Moye served for about three years as a CHP officer.

The riverside police spokesman, Ryan Railsback released a statement about what actually happened in the scenario.

According to him, a vehicle was pulled over near I-215 and Eastridge Avenue. The patrol officer, Andre Moye was shot down and he let out a call for help. Officers from CHP came to rescue when they had gunfire against the suspect. During the gunfire attacks, the suspect was shot down and on taking to the hospital, he was pronounced dead.

Two CHP officers were also shot, leaving them injured. They were taken to the hospital to seek medical help.

The suspect’s identity was kept in dark for some time and we were not allowed to know who the suspect was. Not only his face but also his motive remained hidden. No one knew clearly as to why he has to shoot down a patrol officer during a traffic stop. In a recent report, we found out that the suspect was Aaron Luther. Shockingly, Aaron has a serious violent history that couldn’t have been known by Andre. Aaron was even convicted of attempting murder.

A statement was released by Newsom:

“Jennifer and I extend our heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and fellow officers grieving the tragic loss of Officer Moye, who will be remembered for his commitment to serving the Riverside County community and the people of California.”

The agency planned out to celebrate its 90th anniversary. The anniversary event has not been replaced by the Bell Toll ceremony as a tribute to Andre Moye. The tribute ceremony is to be carried out on Wednesday.


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