Attack On Titans Season 4: When Will The Final Season Premiere? Major Details Inside

Ohh! What an arousing roller coaster Attack on Titan Season 3 was. With the phenomenal animation by the Studio WIT, fidelity to the plot and soul of the manga, and a satisfying conclusion that is the Season 3, Part 2 finale “To the opposite side of the Wall”, Attack on Titan has primed itself for an even more amazing fourth season.

Following the release of the Season 3 finale, Pony Canyon has also confirmed that the upcoming season four of the popular anime series will be it is last. The premiere of Season 4 is set for the Fall of 2020, with the exact date to be determined.

After the end of Attack on Titans Season3, Season 4 was officially announced. The date isn’t specific but the final season this anime series will be launching in 2020.

In Japan, season 4 will be launched on NHK General TV. Viewers of other countries will get subtitled episodes on Crunchyroll.

At the end of Season 3, Eren finally explored the basement.

The truth of the world, the unknown history and Titans was revealed through it. All the main characters will be featured in the end season.

This includes Eren, Misaka, and Armin. At the beginning of July, an announcement trailer was released.

Season 4 will let the fans know about all their doubts. They will know more about the history of Titans.

The challenge for the publisher will be to decide how much detail from the Manga series is to be sacrificed to ensure that every major storyline is wrapped up by the season end.


If this anime series remains faithful to the manga series, Season 4 may introduce some new characters outside the wall.

Attack of titans may risk a rush ending like Game Of Thrones, because of the manga series.

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