Are old Boy Scout handbooks worth anything?

Are old Boy Scout handbooks worth anything?

Boy Scout Handbooks Early handbooks in great condition can be worth enormous amounts to collectors, but they are obviously very rare. In general, only printings of the first few types of Handbooks up to the 1920’s will be valuable. Later printing are all quite common and available to dedicated collectors.

What is the most valuable Boy Scout patch?

1947 World Jamboree French Maitrese Patch A patch that sold for over $71,000! A quote from the listing: “This is the rarest patch from the Jamboree 1947 that I am proposing now on Ebay.

How much is Boy Scout settlement worth?

Boy Scouts Agree to $850 Million Settlement Over Abuse Claims. Under an agreement one lawyer described as “the tip of the iceberg,” the organization would pay tens of thousands of people who said they had been sexually abused over several decades.

Where can I sell my Boy Scout memorabilia?

Trading Eagles is a dealer in Scouting Memorabilia and Collectibles, we Buy, Sell and Trade Scouts USA, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, International Scouting Memorabilia and Collectibles, Items like CSP’s, LSP’s, OA Flaps, OA Patches, Jamboree Patches, Camp patches and Scout Insignia.

Are Boy Scout patches worth money?

Boy Scouts memorabilia Those who’ve held onto their patches and medallions have found those items can become very valuable. Large collections are worth the most. Depending on age and condition, some patches could get bids of around $50 or more, while full merit sashes can go for hundreds of dollars.

What do you do with old Boy Scout patches?

You can contact a local history museum, library or historical society. One of these organizations might want to highlight Scouting memorabilia specific to the area. Let’s say you find an old uniform, which features a troop number sewed on it. You could try contacting the unit’s leaders to see if they want it.

What is the rarest merit badge?

Let’s take a deep dive into the complete list — from 2019’s most popular merit badge to its rarest….The actual top 10.

Rank Merit Badge 2019 earned
1 First Aid 62,352
2 Swimming 59,074
3 Camping 52,328
4 Citizenship in the World 50,700

How much money does the CEO of Boy Scouts make?

The current CEO of the Boy Scouts of America is Roger C. Mosby, whose official title is Chief Scout Executive. This position comes with a $1,577,6000 annual salary. This would make Mosby the highest-paid CEO in the Human Services category.

Did the Boy Scouts settle the lawsuit?

The Boy Scouts of America reached an $850 million settlement Thursday with tens of thousands of people who say they were sexually abused when they were Scouts over decades and later sued in a case that rocked the historic institution. The organization is facing roughly 275 abuse lawsuits and 1,400 potential claims.

What do you do with old Scout uniforms?

The Cub Scout Boy Scout Uniform Exchange is a place where Scout-Minded people can donate “experienced” scout uniforms for boys who are in financial need. Also a great place to “swap” Scout Patches and accessories, offer low-cost used uniforms and accessories, camping gear and even post your ISOs.

What are the Boy Scout ranks in order?

Scouts BSA has seven ranks: Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life and Eagle. Requirements are found in the Scouts BSA Handbook and online. Advancement has four steps: Learn, Test, Review and Recognize.

What is the hardest merit badge to get?

Often considered the most difficult citizenship merit badge to complete, Citizenship in the Community mainly requires scouts to complete projects, volunteer in their community, and understand various knowledge requirements.

Do scout leaders get paid?

Do I get paid? No!! The Scout Group, like all others, is run entirely by a team of volunteers. No payment is made to anyone for their time etc.

Is Eagle Scout a big deal?

Achieving the rank of Eagle Scout is a very big deal because it signifies a dedication and workload that few can meet. The Eagle rank indicates that the Scout has done a lot to learn many different skills, one of the most important being leadership.

Will Philmont be sold?

The BSA said Friday that it has no plans to sell the property, and that the land is being used as collateral to help meet financial needs that include rising insurance costs related to sex-abuse litigation. …

What are the 12 points of the Scout Law?

Co-founder and principal, Dave Clayman, chose Twelve Points as a tribute to the 12 Points of the Boy Scout Law. “A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent,” said Clayman.

How do I reuse a patch?

You can also reuse some patches once you’re finished with them on your jacket. Even if you ironed them on, you could cut a small square around the patch and then add that piece of material to a quilt or a pillow or even frame it and mount it on the wall.

How do you preserve patches?

The best way to store your patches is a custom patch panel. The custom patch panel is made up of the fuzzy side of the velcro (known at OML as the anti-velcro), so it will bond with your patches properly and keep them in place until you are ready to use them.

Is Scout a rank?

Is it hard to get Eagle Scout?

“Eagle Scout” is the highest rank a young person can reach in Scouting. In fact, only around 5% of all scouts who join ever reach the Eagle rank. As such, becoming an Eagle Scout is an exceptionally difficult challenge, even for scouts who can complete merit badges and rank requirements quickly!

How do I print my Boy Scout youth protection certificate?

How to print your Youth Protection training certificate

  1. Log in to
  2. Click “Menu” at the top left.
  3. Click “My Dashboard.”
  4. Make sure you’re under “My Training” and “YPT.”
  5. Next to “YPT Status,” look for a small blue printer icon.
  6. Your browser will open a PDF that you can print or save to your computer.

What is the Catholic emblem?

Upon completion, the Scout is presented with the Ad Altare Dei emblem. This is a bronze cross suspended under a bar and ribbon of the Papal colors. The BSA has authorized the wearing of this emblem on the Scout uniform.

How many Boy Scout handbooks are there?

Since 1910, the BSA has published this one temporary Handbook edition (which they call the Original Edition) and fourteen permanent Handbook editions. The Handbook has changed greatly since 1910, but much of the content of the early handbooks is still recognizable in today’s edition.

What are the 3 R’s of youth protection?

The “three R’s” of Youth Protection convey a simple message for the personal awareness of our youth members: Recognize that anyone could be a molester; Respond when someone is doing something that goes against your gut or against the safety guidelines; and Report attempted or actual molestation or any activity that you …

How do I become Ypt certified?

If you know your member ID, you can get a Youth Protection Training certificate by asking for it with our interactive chat feature. Go to: and click on the chat feature located at the bottom right of every page: For more information see our guide here.

How do Cub Scouts earn the religious emblem?

The Earning and Presentation of Religious Emblems Because of the nature of these programs, emblems are not available through your local council. Rather, these emblems are available through the Scout’s religious institution. Like other badges, the Scout receives their emblems through a meaningful ceremony.

Where does the religious emblem go?

The universal religious square knot is worn over the left shirt pocket of the Scout uniform. The medallion is pinned over the square knot for full uniform occasions.

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