Are Neighbours allowed to keep bees?

Are Neighbours allowed to keep bees?

“Beekeepers have the right to keep bees. Their neighbours have the right to enjoy their property in peace. Badly kept and positioned colonies can be a nuisance”. It is a beekeeper’s responsibility to avoid their bees becoming a nuisance and to take appropriate steps if they so become.

Do you need permission to have bee hives?

Planning permission applies to permanent structures, as bee hives are movable they are not permanent. A shed however is a different matter as is a fence. There may be a right of way through the land check this.

Is it dangerous to have a beehive in your yard?

In certain circumstances, a backyard beehive poses a danger to humans and pets. An aggressive bee that feels threatened may sting, which can cause a painful bite, as well as an anaphylactic reaction in those who are allergic to bees.

How much land do I need to keep bees?

Generally speaking, most backyard beekeepers have 1 to 2 acres of land with 2 or 3 bee hives. I have personally had 10 hives on a 1 acre lot in a subdivision. One important thing to do is talk with your neighbors first.

What do you do if you have a beehive in your garden?

If it is a honey bee hive then you should get in contact with your local bee keeper association and they will put you in contact with local beekeepers who may be able to remove the colony for you or advise you on what to do.

How much land do you need to keep bees?

How do you get rid of a beehive without killing it?

In order to force the bees to relocate without killing them, sprinkle cinnamon around their hive every day for about a week….Methods To Remove Bees

  1. Call a Beekeeper.
  2. Drive bees away with the smoke.
  3. Moth Balls.
  4. Bitter Almond oil.
  5. Vinegar Spray Solution.
  6. Cinnamon.
  7. Garlic Spray.
  8. Citronella Candles.

How long does a bee hive last?

Most individual hives last no more than 24 hours. Hives usually go away on their own within a few days to a week. But for some, hives become a chronic, or long-term, issue. If you develop hives and they last longer than six weeks, you may have a condition known as chronic hives.

Where should you not put a beehive?

The bees will spend valuable time trying to regulate the hive’s temperature (rather than making honey). You also want to avoid deep, dark shade because it can make the hive damp and the colony listless. Make sure the hive has good ventilation. Avoid placing it in a gully where the air is still and damp.

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