Are Hummels worth any money?

Are Hummels worth any money?

Most Hummel figurines are worth $50-$75. Some models reach several hundred dollars. Special individual Hummel figurines can be sold for thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars.

Are Hummel sizes big?

Hummel Adult Sizing: Hummel tends to run one size large in their apparel range. We recommend going one size down when ordering jerseys, shorts and pants from Hummel at Keeperstop. Hummel Youth Sizing: Like the adult sizing, we recommend ordering one size down in the Hummel youth range. Hummel USA sizing does run big.

Do Hummel shoes run small?

Hummel – Hummel shoes generally suit narrower feet and they are short and so we almost always go up a size from the size measured. Primigi – Primigi shoes run a bit wide and small, depending on how the child’s feet are measuring we do sometimes go up a size.

Do pawn shops buy Hummel figurines?

Hummel figurines can have a variety of numbers on the bottom. She Money Pawn is happy to buy and sell figurines of value. We buy and sell all collector figurines based on their values from trusted sources. One of the most popular collectible figurines is made by M I Hummel.

What size is 2XLB?

size chest sleeve
2XLB 51 – 54 35.5 – 36
3XLB 55 – 58 36 – 36.5
4XLB 59 – 62 36.5 – 37
5XLB 63 – 66 37 – 37.5

Are they still making Hummel figurines?

Hummel figurines continue to be produced in the original factory in Rödental, Germany, where they have been made since 1935. They are still created with the strict oversight of the Convent of Siessen, where Sister M.I. Hummel lived and worked. In September 2017 this company also declared bankruptcy.

What is the difference between Hummel and Goebel Figurines?

Hummel Figurines are made by Goebel. This makes Hummels only one line in the Goebel product catalog. While unfortunately the Goebel company ceased production of Hummels in 2008, the true Hummels crafted between 1934 and cease of production were stamped with one of the many Goebel company symbols.

Are there any authentic m.i.hummel figurines?

Speculation and mystery always bear a good price. Thus today, both the Dubler figurines and the Beswick figurines are much sought after collector items, even though they are not “authentic” Hummel figurines. M.I. Hummel’s enticing designs made for lots of copycats, imitations, and pieces inspired by her drawings.

When did the Goebel Hummel figurines come out?

With Sister Hummel’s approval, Goebel created a line of charming child figurines. The Sister collaborated with the Goebel company’s master sculptors and skilled painters to execute the colorful designs. In 1935, the Goebel Hummel figurines made their appearance at the Trade Fair in Leipzig, Germany.

Why was the Hummel figurine banned in Germany?

Hummel was personally attacked for her art. The Hummel figurines were banned in Germany and Goebel was forced to cease production. By that time, Dr. Herbert Dubler and Ars Sacra had already established a New York-based distribution company.

How much is a Hummel Umbrella Girl figurine worth?

Hummel Figurine, Umbrella Girl, # 152B, TMK 2, Full Bee, 8″. Sold for $577 via Alderfer Auction (October 2009). Both cute and coveted by collectors, Hummel figurines were one of the hottest collectibles of the 20th century.

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