5 Reasons ‘Why How I Met Your Mother’ Is Better Than ‘FRIENDS,’ End Of A Classic Debate

Both the shows have adorable characters, ridiculous satire, and periodic tears. It is hard to choose the better one between them. Yet at the same time, there are not many things that make How I met your mom better.

How I met your mom has numerous secrets. This arrangement flips the configuration of a sitcom on its head and figures out how to make a show where watchers can appreciate out of succession scenes. This show should be viewed from the through and through to completely value its story. Companions have a short story curve. It has dormant character development. How I met your mom has more exercises.

Companions do have comedic minutes however How I met your mom incorporates long-running inside jokes that improves it. How I met your mom use season callbacks and in-jokes to make watchers feel they are spending time with the characters.

Companions reset toward the part of the bargain. How I met your mom is a long-running riddle. Who the hell is the mother of Ted’s youngsters? The arrangement utilizes this to veil each gutting disaster with the all-encompassing subject of adoration winning.

Companions encourage us to constrained exercises. You can be a solitary parent as long as you have a tremendous gathering of companions to enable you to deal with the infant. There is no good other than this toward the part of the arrangement. Anyway, How I met your mom features individuals’ slip-up with issues of the heart and the estimation of grown-up kinship.

Companions manage a couple of genuine issues. How I met your mom manages numerous touchy points like fruitlessness, how it feels when you can’t have kids. It manages the substances of malignancy and what it means being a widow.


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