5 Memorable FRIENDS Moments A True Fan Won’t Ever Forget

5 Memorable FRIENDS Moments a True Fan Won’t Ever Forget

A year ago, a video, first published on YouTube which then made its way to the social media, went viral titled ‘Friends’ Reunion Movie’.

It created a lot of buzz among the millions of fans of the endearing sit-com and soon a demand arose for a film to be made. But, it soon came to light that the video was fan-made and the makers of the show clearly expressed that the series will never be revitalized in any form or fashion. Well, it broke our hearts and here are five memorable scenes from ‘FRIENDS’ that will forever be etched in our hearts:

1) Unagi

The ‘Unagi’ episode is perhaps the best episode of the series. The 17th episode of the sixth season has Phoebe and Rachael take self-defense classes.

In the face of their bragging that how they can kick anyone’s ass, Ross berates them by telling how after studying karate for years. He has learned that self-defense is nothing without unagi – a state of total awareness.

Everyone laughs at him and informs him there is no such word. Ross later makes his point by jump-scaring Rachael and Phoebe, who returned the favor. A truly comical moment!

2) Joey Wears All of Chandler’s Clothes

In the 2nd episode of the third season, about a short argument about a chair they share, Chandler hides all of Joey’s underwear, forcing him to “go commando” in a rented tux.

Joey takes his revenge by wearing all of Chandler’s clothes and doing lunges in them. Chandler’s reaction was way too hilarious!


3) Ross and Rachael Getting Married in Vegas

In the double-length season finale of Season 5, all the friends went to Las Vegas, Nevada, to see Joey, who had been secretly working as a gladiator in armor at Caesar’s Palace, because he lost his acting job.

At the end of the episode, Ross and Rachel drunkenly get married, which leads to trouble later on as Ross refuses to file for divorce. A true Ross-Rachael moment!

4) When Joey Had to Speak French

In the 13th episode of the 10th season, Phoebe helps Joey to prepare for an audition by teaching him how to speak French. Joey does not get a grasp and just speaks gibberish all the while thinking he’s doing a great job.

Phoebe later goes to the audition and explains to the director in French that Joey is her mentally disabled younger brother so he’ll take pity on Joey.

6) The Last One

Truly one of the best moments of the show was the last scene of the series finale where Ross tries to hear the rest of the message, asking himself, “Did she get off the plane?” The door opens and he hears, “I got off the plane.” He turns and finds Rachel at the door.

What an end to the show!

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